CHI FAN Cookbook

101 Nordic everyday recipes in english and chinese

Each of the 101 recipies in the book are presented like on this page. The picture that shows you what the dish shall look like, the recipie with ingridients and isntructions in two languages, english and chinese and a coloured column that inidactes which section of the book you are looking at. There are 7 sections, Light meals, Mains - Meet, Mains - Seafood, Mains - Chicken, Mains - Vegetarian, Sauces and Dipps, Cookies, Cake and Desserts.

All the images have been taken by myself, my family and my friends. Each image with its own story, one from the westcoust in Sweden right next to the ecean for example. Each recipe has been cooked, tasted and photographed several times. My husband set the table while I photographed the dish and for a long time most of our evening meals became cold before we could sit down to dinner. The design company then decided which images to include. Here you can see some of the images in the book.


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CHI FAN Cookbook


In 101 days my friends and I cooked, photographed and ate our favourite dishes. Enjoy




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"CHI FAN Cookbook is a great cookbook for anyone interested in food and culture, especially the traditional and new flavors of Scandinavian cooking and baking"